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Vacant Home Staging

Empty spaces can be overwhelming to process, and vacant homes often leave buyers scratching their heads.  Properly staged homes eliminate that confusion, allowing buyers to intuitively understand the purpose of each space, while simultaneously creating an emotional connection to the home.  At curated we offer 3 packages to ensure we achieve just that:

  • Classic – A light staging to define spaces
  • Collected – Carefully selected accessories and additional furniture pieces create a layered feel
  • Curated – The highest quality pieces are meticulously selected to create maximum impact

Regardless of which package is selected, the process is always the same: We start with a site-visit and then follow up with a client meeting, ensuring that the unique requirements of each project are met.

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Occupied Home Staging

Furnished homes need love too.  Sometimes, minor tweaks to existing furnishings are all it takes to get an occupied home ready for market. In other cases, a more thorough plan of action is required. It all starts with a free consultation to determine the best bath forward.


Home Sale Preparation

Selling a home is beyond stressful. Often, the number of to-do-list items required to get a home ready to hit the market sends sellers into a panic. Because of our background in construction and property management, Curated offers a number of services that will turn that to-do-list into a to-done list! Painting, packing, general maintenance and light renovations are just a few of our offerings.